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10% of the world’s wealth set to be stored on blockchain by 2027: Cisco

This means that as much as $10trn (€8.9trn) of global GDP could be stored on both decentralized and permissioned blockchains within eight years. Currently, global GDP is valued at about $80trn  by 2027. Cisco also expects $9.7bn would be spent annually on blockchain projects by 2021.

According to Cisco, “the true innovation of blockchain is its ability to automate trust among the parties using it. – This embedded trust allows consumers, enterprises, and governments to automate how they manage any transactional relationship.” (more…)

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Fintech duo changes the rules of the industry as it targets millennials

The asset management industry is having a wake-up call, as more fintech companies with cheap and easy-to-use investments are winning over millennials, who traditional managers find hard to attract.


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UK rising house prices push expats to retire in Dubai

Real estate experts expect many expats to remain in Dubai as they come close to the end of their careers since high house prices in Britain could make it “difficult” for them to return home. (more…)

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