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Fraudsters steal £500m from UK bank customers

Fraudsters have stolen more than £500m from British bank customers during the first half of 2018.

A total of £145m of that was lost through authorised push payment (APP) scams, where people were duped into authorising a payment to another account, the trade body UK Finance said. (more…)

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Kuwait deports 13,000 foreigners in just nine months

Kuwait has deported 13,000 foreigners since the start of year as the government ramps efforts to reduce the country’s foreign workforce, estimated to make up 70% of Kuwait’s roughly 4.5 million population. (more…)

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BVI companies risk being struck off

Companies in the British Virgin Islands that have not reported particulars of their current director risk being struck off as the BVI registrar gains new powers.

BVI legislation introduced over two years ago makes it compulsory for every company registered in the country to provide details on who is the director. (more…)

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