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Brexit not sparking financial services brain drain: Survey

Just 630 UK finance jobs have moved abroad since the Brexit vote, a Reuters poll found. The figures contrast fears that leaving the EU could badly damage the UK’s financial services sector. (more…)

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51% of UAE residents do not have life insurance: Survey

More than half of the UAE residents do not have a life insurance coverage while one-fourth are covered against serious illness as many of them found it too expensive, reveals a new survey. (more…)

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Clock ticking on offshore income declarations in UK

Time is running out for UK taxpayers who now have less than five working days to get their offshore tax affairs in order or face hefty penalties from HM Revenue & Customs.

UK residents who own assets offshore or earn part of their income abroad have until 30 September 2018 to declare any unpaid tax – otherwise they will face a minimum penalty of double the tax owed. (more…)

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