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UK rising house prices push expats to retire in Dubai

Real estate experts expect many expats to remain in Dubai as they come close to the end of their careers since high house prices in Britain could make it “difficult” for them to return home. (more…)

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Dubai integrates blockchain technology into online payment

Dubai has integrated blockchain technology into its online payment portal named DubaiPay to allow reconciliation and settlement transactions to be performed in real time local media reported. (more…)

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Beckham’s ex brother-in-law accused of conning investors out of almost £1m

David Beckham’s former brother-in-law was part of a company which used the football superstar’s name to con investors out of nearly £1m, a court heard.

Darren Flood, 39, who was married to Victoria Beckham’s sister, was allegedly part of a “boiler room” fraud which tricked people into “worthless” investments. (more…)

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