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Hiren’s Areas of Expertise

  • Tax free savings
  • Investment planning
  • Retirement Planning
  • Lump sum savings
  • Pension transfers
  • Professional indemnity

Hiren’s family background has always been in the financial services industry which inspired him to create a name in the same industry. Hiren has lived his entire life in London, United Kingdom before when he and his wife decided to move here in Dubai late 2010. For almost 8 years living here in Dubai, Hiren continued to grow his career in the financial services industry.

Being an expat himself, Hiren specialized in delivering bespoke, holistic and independent financial advice to expats whilst they are living offshore. Focusing on the following areas; tax-free regular savings plans, education planning, retirement planning, investments, banking and personal and business life insurance advice to individuals as well as corporates based in the Middle East and other offshore jurisdictions. Hiren reconnects individuals with their original vision for living in Dubai and in the Middle East which is to earn more to be able to save more for the future.

Based in Dubai, Hiren have worked with international professionals in different industries across the emirates of the UAE as well as in remoter areas such as Oman & Saudi Arabia. These professionals are always looking for financial advice to make their money work harder for them in order to help protect their families. By doing this they are able to save time and avoid stress in their financial planning.

Hiren prides himself not only in providing sound and specific advice in each individual and family but also in having long standing relationships with each and every client that he has, no matter where they live or have moved to in the world. Hiren believes that the key to successful advice is creating a trusted relationship, demonstrating success and continual education. He always assures that he is up to date with the rules and regulations in the UAE, Middle East, UK and Europe as well as other jurisdictions where his clients may come from or decide to move to in the future.

Hiren believes that he can make a difference and ultimately help people achieve not only basic financial goals but their dreams in life.

“The financial decisions we make in life can have a huge bearing on the lives that we ultimately lead.” – Hiren Naker


I have known Hiren for the past two years and I must say that his guidance and finacial advice has been exceptional. He consistently reaches out and communicates any changes associated with my policies.Thanks for your outsatnding engagements!

Fay Kukundakwe

I have been working with Hiren for a while and I have to say that very few people in that line of work stick with you during thick and thin.
Is always easy to have advisor and wealth management consultant when you are doing great financially, but when this are turning around very you can really see whi is supporting you .
This is Hiren for me and my family, helping us to maintain our future investment in a very tough period , honestly speaking i never expected , Hiren went above and beyond any expectation to safeguard mine and my children future.
Words are not enough to explain our gratitude.
Thank you , David

Davide Algranti

Hiren Naker has been my financial advisor for more than a year now. Hiren is highly responsive and resourceful. Proactive in updating me on my financial performance as well as keeping me abreast with current economic trends. What stands out most is Hiren's impeccable professionalism and unwavering patience even with challenging clients. Great service!

Nyawira Sandy

Hiren is very knowledgeable on current market situations and always displays key qualities of good communication, integrity, respect for others and discipline to get your requirements across the line in the way that you want/need. To that end, I would strongly recommend Hiren as a Financial Advisor to anybody in Dubai looking for someone who you can trust, grow and build a professional, fruitful relationship with, especially if you have met with other Financial Advisors in the past and are having doubts on who will have your best interests at heart.

Jeremy Reynolds

I have found Hiren to be a patient, very knowledgeable and trustworthy person, uncommon traits in my experience of the fin planners industry in Dubai. Knowing Hiren for a little over one year, I have found the his approach to financial planning to be consistent and very much in line with my expectations. I expect that Hiren will be a good partner in my financial planning going forward.

Adrian Wolf

I would highly recommend Hiren for his outstanding work. Hiren makes it very personal and he spends time to really understand your personal goals. He really understood what my short and long term goals were and what I was trying to achieve.

He also explains all the pros and cons of the solutions as well as all the fine prints so that it makes it easy to understand and make decisions. I am extremely happy I used Hiren whilst living in Dubai and still use him now I'm back in UK.

Hiren is very transparent and shows all the information to make make a clear calculated sound investment without being pushy. 

I would not think twice to recommend Hiren for his outstanding work and knowledge of the financial investments industry.t

Amit Patel

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